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Audemars Piguet – Best Watches For Women

Oladfashion.com – Wristwatches are worn by both men and women nowadays. This is not surprising when you consider the many advantages that are associated with a watch. As with all other devices, a watch can tell time, but it is also capable of telling the time in another way, and it does so very well. In fact, as far as measuring the accuracy of a watch is concerned, watches women have the edge.

Have a More Modern Design

A watch is a mechanical device and as such has to measure the movement of a liquid substance to be able to tell time. But watches women generally differ from watches men in that they have a more modern design, and the inner workings of a watch can be more complex. A watch has a number of parts which need to work in unison in order for the watch to give accurate time. A watch face is used to display the dial, and the case, which houses the internal parts of the watch, and the crystal or other material which glows in the light of the sun, and also contains the mechanism that operates the watch.

Wristwatches are generally more delicate than watches men, for reasons of practicality as well as elegance. In general a woman’s watch features a lot of unnecessary complication. A woman wants to have a watch that is beautiful and that tells the correct time. This means that watches for women often have large faces that have a lot of small Arabic numbers or other ornamental features. These kinds of features are usually a result of being highly collected, and it is a sign of wealth to own a collection of watches.

The bezel, which surrounds the dial, is another important feature of watches for women. The bezel is much larger on women’s watches than on men’s watches, usually around ten times bigger. This large bezel makes it difficult for a man to wear a watch like this, but with today’s modern materials being used, the bezel is frequently made from glass, stainless steel or some other strong material that will not be damaged by daily wear and tear. Also, most bezels are protected by a layer of sapphire crystal that sits between the glass, which cuts down the chances of damage.

Different Materials Used to Make Watch Bezels

There are many different materials that are used to make up a watch’s bezel. Most watches will have a band, which is a thick, strong fabric that runs around the entire bezel. The other material that is common is alligator leather. The leather is strong and durable, but also luxurious and attractive. Alligator leather straps are also available for watches for women.

Other features that are quite common on women’s watches include big date displays, Arabic numerical minute hands and luminous hands. The date can be set manually or automatically and is usually large and easy to read. Also popular is the black leather strap, which looks great on most wrist styles. Some watches for women do come with a chronograph, and some of them come with both a black leather strap and a chronograph.

Designs That Make Watches Look Feminine and Classy

There are watches for women that come in more feminine designs. Seiko is one of the top brands for watches for women, and they make a number of very feminine watches that are appropriate for any occasion. Some of these watches are in the form of pendent watches, which sit on a table or stand on their own. Others have big, elegant shapes and a number of little accents that make the watch look feminine and classy.

The two top Seiko watches for women are the BB sofa watch and the Seiko feminine watch. Both of these watches have big bezels that extend past the dial and into the crystal. They feature large faces and big chunky numbers, and both styles are available in pink or blue. No matter what your style may be, you are sure to find the perfect watch to suit it with Audemars Piguet watches for women.

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