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Watches For Girls – Which Type is Right For You? –¬†Watches for girls have always been a tricky product to buy. As a boy, I can remember having to answer questions like “What’s your favorite watch?” or “What do you like on your wrist” with an embarrassed blush. Today, many women are self-conscious about their watches and what people will say when they look at them. Thankfully, there are more watches for girls on the market and we have come a long way from those awkward days. In fact, today there are watches for girls that look as good, if not better, than those for boys!

Some Watch Models for Girls

Watches for little girls come in all different versions – from pretty pink princesses to tough, black leather varieties. Some girl models even come in an almost identical adult version. In other words, the choice is huge! When choosing your new watch you need to take into account the size of your wrist and what style suits you best.

There are two main types of watches for girls: analogue and digital. The traditional analogue watches were built around a minute and hour hand wound in the back, using a watch winder. As watch technology advanced, so did watches for girls. Today there are watches for girls that have a small date and hour hand wound within the watch itself, so never needing a watch winder. Digital watches are also available with date and time hands incorporated into the face.

When choosing a girls’ watch it’s important to consider how simple or complicated they are. Children’s watches tend to be simpler than those for boys. But don’t rule out watches with large, elegant dials as these can actually work very well for your little girl. Simple, yet beautiful watches for girls can be bought with interchangeable faces, allowing you to personalise her watch with her name or initial.

Popular Watches for Girls

There is a huge range of ladies watches for girls on the market today. Some of the most popular brands include; Fossil, Michael Kors, Chanel, Movado, Link Watch and more. Most watches for girls will feature a stainless steel case, with leather straps or simply with a simple buckle.

Classic ladies watches for girls are generally round, with large faces and big, easy to read dials. They may have a single or combination hands, and a large date window. Many will have a second hand on the dial. Other styles for little girls watches include square, princess, oval and princess Automatic watches. Square watches for girls are usually round with large faces and numbers. A princess watch can feature either luminous crystals or mother of pearl.

Tips for Choosing the Strap Type on Watches for Girls

The type of strap that comes with your watch is important and not just the type of strap that your watch has, but the type of buckle closure as well. You will find that there are watches that come with buckle closure, others with a screw back, and then of course there are all kinds of other strap styles. I would suggest that you get one with a snap or Velcro closure and also look for one that features a non-date function. This allows you to store your watch away when it isn’t in use, yet you can easily access the time display without removing the watch. These watches tend to be a little more expensive, but they are usually made of stainless steel, so they are resistant to damage from water or jewelry accidentally scratching it.

When looking at watches for girls, take a look at the features that are important to you, such as; precision, water resistance, and if you need to have an alarm. You will also find that many watches for girls will allow you to change the type of face that you like. You will find that some watches for girls have both a calendar and a time display. Some models will allow you to flip your wrist when you want the time, or flip it when you want the calendar. The face of the watch is the most visible feature on the watch and this is what you will want to check first.

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