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Dress Design For Fashion Freaks –┬áDress design is the science or art of creating a garment that makes a statement about the wearer. A dress design is basically an ordered arrangement of individual elements of architecture and composition of art such as shape, lines, colors, fabric, style, texture, tone, balance, proportion and attention which create a visual effect. Dress design normally refers to the ensemble of clothes worn by a person for social, work or other ceremonial purposes. The term can also be used to describe the process of planning and designing of clothes for a specific person. Dress designers usually employ the use of patterns, colours, fabrics, textures, patterns, proportions, form and proportions in order to provide a dress that is unique, one-of-kind or stylish.

Dress Design with the Right Trends and Patterns

The dress design profession involves a lot of hard work and dedication. The job of a dress designer requires the person to have thorough knowledge about the different aspects of dress making. Fashion designers have to study the fabrics, styles, shapes, designs, trends, cuts, patterns and other factors that influence the creation of a dress. A student needs to learn all this from scratch and gain knowledge about the various processes involved in dress making. After learning the various aspects of dress design, a student can begin to specialize in a particular area of dressmaking.

Dress structure consists of three main categories including dress design, decorative design and structural design. Dress design generally refers to the aesthetic look of a garment whereas decorative design refers to the way a garment looks overall. The objective behind structural design is to make clothes durable and able to resist wear and tear. A good dress pattern should be able to contribute to the durability of a garment.

A person who wants to become a fashion designer must possess artistic skills, critical thinking and knowledge about pattern making, sewing and color perception. The person also needs to be able to work with fabrics of varied colors, textures, and designs. It is the creative process that helps in the final product. A good fashion designer also needs to have a flair for marketing. He or she has to be imaginative and versatile. To become a successful fashion designer, one needs to understand the customer’s needs and expectations.

Textile Design for Clothing Manufacturing

Dress structure mainly includes four major categories such as decorative design, structural design, textile design, and cut dress. Dress structure also encompasses the use of materials and the use of colors. Textile design refers to the use of fabrics in making clothes. Materials used for the fabric include wool, cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers.

The first step in designing a dress is to decide the overall theme or concept. Once the concept is finalized, the next step is to determine the garment specification or the basic requirements of the dress. This includes the measurement of the body of the wearer and his height. If the dress requirement includes a bra then it is necessary to take the size of the breast into consideration. Other important factors which are very crucial in the overall dress design include the neckline, length and sleeve length.

Ways to Design Using Patterns and Colors

The dress needs to meet the personal style of the fashion designer. While determining the design, he or she should also keep in mind the budget. There are many ways to design according to the budget such as using a number of different patterns and colors, shortening the sleeves or designing according to the season.

The dress can be designed in various ways; either by using a series of complimentary colors or by using a geometric pattern. The fabric, structure, outline and silhouette should be chosen carefully. In order to make a garment very stylish, it is essential to use high quality materials. This would include fine and silks and satins.

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