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Trends In Men’s Fashion Fall

Oladfashion.com –┬áThe most versatile fall wardrobe this year. Put away all of your summer gear, and earn extra space in your closet, for now, the latest fashions. But don t just put away all of your summer gear; why not jazz things up? Some of these trends are keeping right into the fall too.

The Perfect Fall Look

For fall look here at the vc_row layered over dark denim, then add some contrast stitching to tie it all together. The vc_single_image on top is a smart move with dark denim and a sleek smart line. It’s not so cut and dry as you might think. The vc_ Column Text is an updated take on the classic cardigan. Just like the old days, a single image can be printed on the front and have the cardigan rolled up to the neck for that snugly fitted fall look.

This one is my favorite of the vc_row layered and stitched together. The front and back are the same, just reversible. The cool thing about this look is we can see both sets of socks and buttons in the same fabric. If I were going to wear these alone, I would pick the darker hues. I’d go with a dark navy for the top half, a light blue for the bottoms, and the vc_row and vc_single_image for the middle. This look is so versatile, I could wear it with a pair of jeans or khakis for a casual fall day look.

Another popular vc_row style is the vc_single image with the vc_row text underneath. This looks great for fall and winter too. The colors are usually more neutral for fall than they are for winter. You can also add other accessories with the single image such as boots or an oxford shirt. The vc_row and vc_single image layered together is especially attractive when worn with a pair of jeans or leggings.

One Simple Way for a Warmer Look

For a warmer more autumnal look, there are several ways to wear the vc_row and vc_single image stitched together. One simple way is to use a pair of khakis, a button-down shirt, or a vest. Any of these will look terrific with the vc_row and vc_single image sewn on.

Another way to take this fashion fall look and apply it to fall is to use a blazer over a dark-colored shirt. It is also possible to use a jacket or a long coat over the shirt but in this case, the vc_row and vc_single image should be used instead. For the best results, match the color of your shirt and your pants or dress to the vc_row and vc_single image. This will bring out the contrast between the two colors and create a more intense look.

Fall Outfits for the Right Men

Of course, fall fashion for men does not stop at fall clothing. Winters are coming so it is a good time to think about what you will be wearing in the spring and summer months. Usually men wear a sweater in the spring and a jacket in the summer. Now it is time to think about what you will be wearing over those sweaters or jackets. Fall clothing for men can include sweatshirts, dresses and jackets.

Men’s fashion has come a long way from the time when men only thought of clothing to put on when they went out for the evening. Fall gives us men some great options when it comes to choosing clothing for the cooler months. With all of these new looks available now, there is no reason that men cannot create their own look this fall. With a little effort and creativity, they can update their wardrobe and update their sense of fashion. This should give any man a better sense of being stylish this year.

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Gregori Laura
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